A narrow tree-lined green run that criss-crosses a black.


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A gentle (but narrow) green run that is slightly spoilt by the fact that it crosses a black run (Luc Alphand) several times.

While there are signs on the black warning skiers to slow down, not everyone complies so, as well as having to contend with crossing above a steep slope, skiers on this green may need to deal with experts zooming past at great speed.

However, for most of the run it is perfect for kids who have mastered the snow plough.

As for the other narrow green runs, adult beginners still in the snow plough stage might find this run tough on the legs and knees.

As the only green run down to Chantemerle it can get crowded with ski school groups in peak periods, particularly in the lead up to lunch and at the end of the day.

Being narrow and gentle this run is not well suited to snowboarding.