A delightful, wavy piste with a priceless view.









Has your faith in skiing been tested? Piste 52 might turn you into a believer.

This slope, which runs alongside the Hasenmulden lifts, is sunny, wide and short.

The best thing about it, however, is its shape: Natural, wavy and tube-like forms make your turns easy and amazing.

The start is at the Penkenjoch, from where you can join the piste from the side.

Running down, while facing the deep valley, the slope might look scary to some.

But as you gently near the Hasenmulden lifts, you will notice that there is no need to be afraid of skiing into an abyss.

Paragliders enjoy the adventurous landscape, with regular take offs from a small mountain top at the right side of the piste.

If the snow condition allows it, you can also reach the bottom of the lift from the top of the Knorren lift with piste 53.