This has steep pitches and flats and will be pretty challenging for intermediates and above.









Lindsey's is a medium length roller coaster of a black in the middle of Vail mountain.

It gets groomed a lot and is a fun wide open trail but for some reason it can get icy, at least by Colorado standards.

We think many people get over their head here and slid down sideways, scraping the good snow off and leaving a sheet of ice- or it's because it has snowmaking snow, with a lower elevation.

This is more the case in the spring than the winter but it happens more than we'd like.

This is a great place to bring someone who is comfortable on blues and are ready to see if they can handle blacks as this has a rolling pitch and the steeper pitches are quick.

This was originally named 'International' until quite recently where it was re-named in honour of a hometown hero, Lindsey Vonn, the women's all time leading record holder for world cup racing wins.