A challenging trail with a consistent, steep pitch and moguls.


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Ute Overlook is a great trail in the Lower Enchanted Forest area.

To get here go past the bottom of the Storm King Poma, and traverse until you see the Lower Enchanted Forest signs.

You have to go through a little tricky traverse and when you get right below a huge cliff to your left, you will come to Ute Overlook.

It starts with a small natural up jump that is fun if you hit it right and then you will most likely encounter a large steep pitch of moguls.

This is a very consistent pitch, so the moguls are usually pretty good, and since you can’t get back to here without a huge traverse, this terrain stay a lot nicer than much of Copper Mountain.

The trees to the left or right are great for accomplished skiers and riders but the slope itself is great, especially on a powder day.