Beginner friendly run with some narrow passages


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This run leads down towards the connection chairlift to Planai, so in case you want to really make use of the great possibility to change from one mountain to another via slopes and lifts, you will come down this slope.

In the beginning a quite cruisy run, you have to turn sharp left after approximately half of the slope, to avoid riding down a serious black slope.

Orient yourself towards the left side of the slope and turn left at the rather big wooden fences .

You then ski along a rather narrow, road like slope, which is quite fun to race down due to the rapid turns.

Try and take some speed in the end to make it to the chairlift without using your poles.

You can now take the Senderbahn back up to Hauser Kaibling or the Sonnecklift towards Planai.

From about 3 pm on, it can get quite busy and there might be longer lines, as people have to get back to their cars or accomodation.