A short but intense, steep bump run that goes from the top of Winter Park directly to the base of Mary Jane


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Outhouse is the most direct route from the top of Winter Park Mountain to the base of the Jane, but it’s far from the easiest way down! It does have an excellent fall line, but it gets tracked out fast on a powder day and has steep, unrelenting bumps.

This run is accessed most easily by the Eskimo and Zephyr Lifts.

Be prepared for non-stop moguls all the way down until it merges with Mary Jane Trail.

Outhouse Trees to the right of the trail are a must-ski/ride on a pow day! The farther in you go, the better they get! The trees to the left are out of bounds (private property) and roped off.

They look so tempting on your chairlift ride up the Zephyr lift, but the consequences of getting caught in there are severe (to begin with, the loss of your pass).