A long run connecting most pistes on the Galzig South face. It has a slow flat top section with a steeper valley bottom section.


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The first 500m follows the flat top of the hill down to the left.

The steep section leaving the lift is perfect to pick up speed.

It's often icy in the morning and slushy when warm.

There are some small moguls to the right but nothing serious.

Keep parallel to Seichböden piste and under the Zammermoos lift to adjoin at the piste junction.

All pistes combine here into Kandahar-Galzig 2.

This valley section is one of my favourite parts of the mountain.

There's an awesome freestyle opportunity to the right embankment with small trees and shrubs and some great drop-offs.

The piste here gets very steep to the right, so stick left to avoid the dangerous steep ice.

There's around a 100m sized section to avoid.

You may also cut left around 200m before the lift to adjoin with Mattunbahn for the Kapall area or carry on right to adjoin with Zammermoos-St Anton 1.