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Tower Three Chute faces north and often hold good snow longer than other runs.

However it’s prominence (highly visible as you ride the Thunder Quad) means it also gets skied a lot and can develop into a mogul field.

It’s a steep run the funnels into a narrow chute.

It can be rocky, especially near the entrance as well as about halfway down, where you will also find a rock outcropping in the middle of the run.

But if conditions are in, there is not a better run on the mountain.

To find “T3,” descend the groomer below Thunder Quad from the top until you encounter a roller next to the third tower of the Tram.

From just below the roller, enter Tower Three Chute through the gap in the rope line.

The first section is often the bumpiest, and not that enticing.

Ironically, the snow will usually become better as you make your way down with the best snow usually in the choke near the bottom.

Tower Three Chute can be a very hard ski if the conditions are bad, but sometimes it’s the only good run on the mountain.

You’ll never know until you go!