A pretty run through the trees.









Turning right from the blue Lapérieu run, this red twists and turns through the trees on its way to Morillon village in the valley floor.

Check it is open before descending as this depends on the snow cover down to 700m - but it is usually open for most of the season.

Trees mean there is definition in poor visibility so a good run to consider on a 'White Out' day.

If attempting this lower run first thing in the morning I recommend well-edged skis if there hasn't been snow recently.

This run takes you back directly to the Morillon telecabine.

Top Tip: if you find yourself here at the end of the day when the lifts have stopped and need to return to Les Carroz or Flaine, there is a 'Sweeper' Bus which will pick you up at the telecabine.

Check out the timetable before sitting down for a beer to wait.