A north facing favourite.









Silver Queen is a local's north facing favourite which drops skiers at the bottom of Compromise Mine and Kleenex Corner at the top of The Little Nell trail which accesses the Silver Queen Gondola.

Silver Queen is a local's favourite for a reason: Its north facing slopes offer protected wintery snow all season long, with great grippy chalk during high pressures and dry, wind protected powder after storms.

Like many runs on Aspen Mountain, this one is littered with moguls, natural rolling features that provide airtime for those free riders as well as technical descents for the more traditional.

This run has several steep pitches, mid way down and in the bottom third, but each gives way to flatter and gentler terrain that eases a fast run out.

The playfulness of this wide, north facing trail is what really makes it a local's favourite.

From bump lines to airs, there is something for every type of expert skier to enjoy on Silver Queen.