Steep and short bump line running underneath the Solar Coaster Express









Black Magic is the short but steep bump line running through the bottom of the Solar Coaster Express lift line.

This run is very similar in nature to Free Fall and Sorcerer, and all of them are accessed off of the Green Line road.

Black Magic is the second of the three and will be found on skier's left.

This run is mostly shaded from the sun and therefore remains fairly icy through the day with significant-sized moguls.

However, the run is not overly long as the pitch is short and leads to the base of the Solar Coaster Express.

The run itself is fairly wide and does not experience much traffic due to its location in proximity to the lower mountain.

Considering its elevation, snow conditions here can be variable and at certain times of year this run may have less of a snow pack in comparison with neighboring groomers being blasted with snow guns.