Hike the Dolomites from Sesto Pusteria to Pieve di Cadore along a tough high altitude trail.



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Hike, climb, and scramble across the saw-toothed peaks of the Dolomites in a 10-day high altitude adventure.

Out of the 10 Alta Via Dolomiti long- distance trails, number 5 is definitely amongst the toughest.

Hikers will be led off the beaten path into isolated, hard to reach pockets, where the mist falls heavily and amenities are scarce.

Starting with the Sesto Dolomites, you then head south and begin the physically hard and technically-challenging crossing of the Marmarole Massif.

The final stretch traces the route of the Alta Via Dolomiti 4 through the Antelao group down to Pieve di Cadore in the Piave Valley.

For hikers wanting to crank their adrenaline levels up a notch, there are plenty of bonus, highly-exposed climbs along the way, including Sentiero degli Alpini, the Strada Sanmarchi, the Sentiero attrezzato Adriano Cipriano, and the Via Ferrata del Cadorin.

The views of the majestic mountain sunsets are so unbelievably beautiful at times, you could hear yourself say, “wow it really looks like a painting!” In fact, these very landscapes inspired the great Renaissance Venetian painter Titian, and so the Alta Via 5 is dedicated to him, known also as "The Titian High Trail." The endpoint of the hike, Pieve di Cadore, is Titian’s birthplace, where you will also find his family home, which is open to visitors.

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