A 54-mile loop through Tucson's superb network of urban bike paths.


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"With 131 miles of paved bike lanes and trails, The Loop is an urban trail system that connects parks, trailheads, bus and bike routes, hotels, restaurants, and retail and entertainment areas," writes [VisitTucson.org](https://www.visittucson.org/things-to-do/outdoor-adventure/cycling/loop).

The flat bike paths run along a "network of riverbeds, winding through natural habitat and offering scenic mountain views." This incredible network of bike paths is truly world-class, and many cities dramatically larger than Tucson could only dream of having an urban trail system this impressive.

Trailheads with ample parking are located at regular intervals along the path, in all parts of the city.

Wide paved and concrete paths, complete with painted center lines, run through green spaces and along the dry washes that riddle the city.

State-of-the-art bridges cross the washes routinely, and superb signage keeps you from ever feeling lost. While you can use The Loop to construct a ride of any length, from 5 miles to a full century, this 54-mile ride is one of the best and most logical loop options in "The Loop" network.

You can also begin at any point along this loop, but the mapped trailhead is located in one of the most conveniently-located parks.

So yes, there's no end of options, but if you want a good introduction to the urban pedaling in Tucson, this 54-mile crank around the city is it. Since the terrain is so flat and the bike path is separated from traffic, The Loop is an excellent place to get a new rider into the sport of cycling.

Removing the fear of traffic and the challenge of climbing creates the best possible environment for bringing a new rider into the fold.

Looking for more mileage? Add on the [Canada Del Oro River Park -> Santa Cruz River Park Loop](https://fatmap.com/routeid/1251070/Canada_Del_Oro_River_Park_-%3E_Santa_Cruz_River_Park_Loop/@33.0658661,-107.0486152,1297654.8186771,-90,0,1449.5718467,normal).