A delightful loop on protected bike paths through Tucson's northern suburbs.


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"With 131 miles of paved bike lanes and trails, The Loop is an urban trail system that connects parks, trailheads, bus and bike routes, hotels, restaurants, and retail and entertainment areas," writes [VisitTucson.org](https://www.visittucson.org/things-to-do/outdoor-adventure/cycling/loop).

The flat bike paths run along a "network of riverbeds, winding through natural habitat and offering scenic mountain views." This incredible network of bike paths is truly world-class, and many cities dramatically larger than Tucson could only dream of having an urban trail system this impressive.

Trailheads with ample parking are located at regular intervals along the path, in all parts of the city.

Wide paved and concrete paths, complete with painted center lines, run through green spaces and along the dry washes that riddle the city.

State-of-the-art bridges cross the washes routinely, and superb signage keeps you from ever feeling lost. While you can use The Loop to construct a ride of any length, the route mapped here focuses on the northern reaches of the trail system.

The southern half of this route runs on the beautiful bike paths that The Loop is known for.

With swooping turns, gorgeous mountain vistas, and peaceful serenity from the undeveloped green spaces, this stretch of bike path is about as good as urban cycling can possibly get. Once you reach West Twin Peaks Road, you’ll be forced to mingle with traffic for a short stretch.

Keep an eye on the left for a bike path, which will get you off the highway and away from traffic. The bike path next to the road continues after you turn right on West Tangerine Road, even if it does alternate sides.

But thankfully, you can continue to pedal while being protected from the hundreds of cars whizzing by at top speed. Looking for more mileage? Add on [the classic 54-mile loop](https://fatmap.com/routeid/1250983/The_Loop/@32.2069072,-110.9184549,48541.2408165,-56.8609410,0,758.8041157,normal) that circumnavigates Tucson proper.