Easy to access, steep couloir skiing. A La Grave classic.









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The Grand Couloir is the best known and most obvious of the Trifides couloirs.

It is easy to access and is a good warm-up for some of the steeper couloirs in the area.

It's worth checking out the conditions out on the way up the cable-car - due to its popularity it is often a mogul run! That said, this is steep skiing and should not be underestimated.

From the lift station, head through the Vallons and to the shoulder at the top of the couloirs.

Head down and pick up the main couloir through a tight rocky section which can be tricky depending on the snow cover.

At the end of the couloir, re-join the main classic route / variations. An alternative start is possible / shown from the top of the old disused Domes / first Trifides drag lift, taking in an additional couloir.

To access this, just below the top of the drag lift, head to the obvious crossing point in the ridge.

Climb up a few metres towards a peak with slightly red coloured rock.

Go over a small hump to get to the entrance of the couloir.