Very steep ridge that is easy to misjudge


Analysing terrain data








Rodney's Ridge is a very Steep Run and is difficult in white out conditions because of the lack of visible markers.

Descend from the Top of the World via the Saddleback Trail and take a left at the first bend to ascend the ridge.

Take a look below you and choose your line.

This area is quite large and you can choose to surf the sides of the Ridge or to just send straight down into the valley.

There can be bumps in the grade of the pitch is quite steep.

Best left for days with good snow as this area can be a little windswept and the conditions difficult.

If you get this run on a good day it can be incredible.

Continue down and meet up with the Saddleback Trail that will take you to the Paradise chair.

You can either choose to go back to the front side via the Paradise Chair or Ptarmigan or explore the back bowls via these chairs and the Larch area.