A hidden gem that offers varying terrain, including trees, bumps, and other natural obstacles.









This hidden gem is located off of Collage and offers the expert skier or rider a great gladded, steep area that can have some of the best powder Copper has to offer.

If you don’t like powder, trees, bumps, and other assorted obstacles, then stay away.

When going down Collage, look to the left after the road back to the Excelerator.

There are several entrances to 17 Glade, all left after that road.

The farther left you go in 17 Glade, the tighter it gets and the shorter it gets.

Bear to the right if the trees are too tight and it opens up and gets longer.

This can be a little boney early season, and there’s always some areas that are low on snow or scraped up.

This ends up on Bouncer for the trip down to the bottom.