Never far from the piste but with a wild feel to it









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You’re never that far from the piste when you do Jackson’s but it certainly doesn’t feel that way.

Fantastic in powder early in the season and holding spring snow well right into late April, Jackson’s feels different every time you ride it.

The top is a wide open but rocky face running parallel to the Yret red run.

It’s important not to get too low by traversing round to the left .

You’re aiming for the slope opposite and a not always obvious gap in the rocks that you have to climb through.

Depending on the snow level, this can be a couple of easy steps up or a challenging bit of mountaineering.

Either way, you’ll need to take your skis/board off and climb up the gap on foot.

From here, the most straightforward way down is straight in the middle of the slope.

There is the odd little cliff to the left and far right so if you’re not sure then stay in the centre.

You’ll rejoin the piste at the Cucumelle chairlift.

If you bump into a local snowboarder by the name of Jackson Collins, don’t let him fool you into thinking the line is named after him.

It isn’t.

He’s just trying to get you to let him go first to get the fresh tracks before you!