A long scenic blue run that is fun and diverse









Magnolia is a long blue run off of the Prospect Express (lift 12).

This run can be accessed by skiing towards Galloping Goose, a green groomer, and hanging right, onto a narrow track that pops you out onto the middle part of the Sandia Headwall.

This is one of the steepest sections of Magnolia, and it tends to be icy just about any time of the day.

From here, ski under the lift and hang left to stay on Magnolia.

This run is fun and cruisy, with a couple of steeper sections along the way.

The run is fun and goes around patches of trees and under the lifts in some spots-it's fun to explore! Ski Magnolia in its entirety and end up down at the Prospect Express.

This run is great for intermediate skiers who are looking for a fun run with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

The run can be busy, but it is never too crowded.