An oft changing trail, due to strong winds at a high elevation of 12,440 feet.


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Hallelujah Ridge is an oft changing trail on top of the world--the Copper world at least.

At 12,440 feet this area gets so much wind it is ridiculous, and this trail can change in a matter of hours.

When the storms come from the west, they hit Enchanted Forest and then blow into Hallelujah Ridge.

This can have deep powder, crud, unpacked spring conditions, perfectly groomed, or a combination of all.

Sometimes this is buttery delicious with its black steepness and consistent pitch with a wide open feel and great views everywhere.

This is great when the weather is nice and the poma line is not full.

On the other hand when the wind is blowing, it’s snowing, or has recently and they haven’t groomed it, this can be a crud or wind packed nightmare.