An exciting chute for those with the skills to handle it.


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Cornice Chute’s first turn separates the wannabes from the no problems.

It can be a little intimidating peering over the cornice wondering where your first turn is going to be; and if you’re going to tumble from there all the way to the bottom of the chute.

Or are you going to charge it with reckless abandon, snow flying in your face and making perfect turns for all those above watching.

Whichever it is, be forewarned, this is a great Copper run for those with the ability.

Depending on the snow depth, there can be many rocks or just a few, and most likely lots of moguls to slow you down, but hopefully not a full on mogul field as when there has not been snow lately.

A fine place to pull out your camera and tell your friend to jump off, as it is a very entertaining watching someone starfish down the middle of it.