A blue groomer that accesses incredible tree-skiing runs









Parry’s Peek is one of the most scenic trails in Winter Park with dramatic views of Parry Peak and Berthoud Pass most of the way down! This groomed blue is situated at the top of Parsenn Bowl Ridge, and is accessed by staying right (south) coming down from the top of Panoramic Lift, along the ski area boundary.

It becomes gladed at tree line, and leads to five different gladed runs as well as a backcountry gate to a tree run that takes you all the way to Highway 40.

(This area is unpatrolled, and cell phone reception can be sketchy.

If you have two cars among your skiing/riding party, park one near the entrance to Mary Jane.

Or you can hitchhike or get on one of the buses heading toward Mary Jane’s base.

Don't venture here alone, especially if you've never done this area before!) Parry's Peek is a take on Parry Peak - the astoundingly beautiful mountain that this trail faces.