One of the steepest and most breathtaking runs at Copper.









Pacific Cornice is one of the jewels of Copper mountain, albeit a short one.

A breathtaking cornice awaits you at the start and then a perfect steep pitch will get the blood going.

This is one of the steepest trails at Copper so you had better be ready to turn.

This can get hard on springtime mornings but most of the time it’s a great steep run.

You can get a lot of air here, especially if you bring some speed to the jump.

We’ve seen people tuck from the top on a huge powder day and get over 100 feet of air here, but we don’t really recommend it.

You have to inspect it first to know where to go off, since there are many rocks to leave a permanent mark on your body.

Be careful and enjoy one of the best bowl runs Copper has to offer.