Either a fast, black groomer run or a bumpy run when ungroomed.


Analysing terrain data








Triple Treat is a crazy run over in the Alpine lift area.

The groomers have a big influence on this trail because when groomed it is a fun and varied cruiser that intermediates and up will love.

The locals find out it’s groomed and have a contest who can make the least amount of turns but we all know that Ski Patrol frowns on such recklessness, independent of ones’ proficiency.

When it’s not groomed, this can be an entirely different story.

Bumps, bumps, and more bumps.

The trail itself is probably the widest in the Alpine area, but not that wide compared to other trails on the mountain.

There are lots of terrain changes, pitch differences, tree islands, moguls, drops and the lift is directly above you.

Look good for the people sitting on the slow Alpine chair! There are a couple of big natural kickers here for big air but please be careful.