A long, narrow blue/black run that ends up in the most northern part of the resort









Lower Egress is a blue/black trail that traverses around Vasquez Ridge and takes you to the base of Pioneer Lift (AKA The Middle of Nowhere in terms of an expert skier) from Eagle Wind Lift and The Cirque.

You’d be better off taking Eagle Wind Lift back up to get out of Eagle Wind area, but if you parked your car on the Parkside, you might have to traverse to the bottom of Pioneer Lift and then take that lift up to traverse back to the base of Winter Park.

This trail is not that steep, but it’s narrow.

Snowboarders should keep their speed up to avoid getting stuck and having to unstrap and skate.

This run is nicknamed “The Goob Boardercross” because it’s nearly impossible to pass someone who skis and rides these kinds of trails in a lame fashion.