Large southwest facing funnel


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The Titanic Chute is another line that is "In your face" when skiing at Big Sky.

It is about 2000 feet long and consists of a large upper bowl before tightening out into a snaking gully.

This line is the definition of a terrain trap.

There is one definite crux about half way down, but you can usually skirt this if it is too gnarly.

Only ski the Titanic when you are absolutely comfortable with the snowpack stability.

Park at Middle Fork trailhead.

Sometimes you may not be able to drive all the way to the trailhead, so make sure you park out of the way, and DO NOT TRESPASS.

From the Trailhead, travel north and slightly downhill into Middle Fork basin.

You will pass several houses along this cross country ski trail.

You will soon be looking directly up the Titanic, and will be able to see the tight sections.

Just past Yellow Mountain, turn east off the groomer.

You will be heading up a tight canyon, it is best to gain a slight bench on the north side of this feature, about 100 feet above the creek.

Once above the canyon, turn right and south, heading up the drainage directly behind Yellow.

Either gain the ridge very early, just after the canyon, or skin to the head of this tributary to gain the top of Yellow Mountain.