Cliffs and pillows.









As you take the traverse over to Trainors, the gated "Extreme" terrain located on the far right-hand side of Aspen Mountain underneath Shadow Mountain, T3 is the third area that you can drop into on skier's right.

This area in Trainors is very steep, and if you want, there is air to be had right from the ridge that the traverse is not using.

The entrance can be rather tricky, technical and thrilling as the trees are tight and, depending on snow conditions, air might be mandatory.

The vertical drop on this run is about 550 feet, so make sure you're feeling good as you push off from the narrow traverse.

A fall in this area, where there are many hidden obstacles, rocks, and trees, could be serious.

On days when this area is open it still sees very little skier traffic.

This line is open to the interpretation of the skier- take your time and enjoy.

As you continue the fall line working the glade, the small pillows and other features you'll find here make for really desirable skiing for experts only.

Cut back skier's right to find yourself amongst cliffs and pillows that have few solid run outs.

As you finish the run, making a technical exit to the cat track, you'll find yourself back on the Summer Road.

Ski down this run or jump onto a groomer to go back to the Silver Queen Gondola or Lift 1A.