The perfect Blue to learn on


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The Blue can be fun for both beginners and experienced riders alike.

Take the Strawberry Express Chair and take in the view of Lookout Mountain (8954 ft) on your left.

Once you get off the chair, continue under the chairlift where the cat track is leading you and you will see a blue sign to follow.

*Local Pow Stasht* To your right underneath the chair, just take a 3 minute walk in the fresh pow under the chair and you will have a mound with a small cliff on the right hand side.

The area is more of a black but offers a good powder drop that meets up with Rock Isle Lake.

Quickly on your right you will see a nice mellow blue bowl.

If the powder is fresh this spot is a great intermediate pow area.

Watch for beginners, but if no one is around you have a great blue to lay into.

Sometimes there are small moguls on this run.

You will funnel out on to Rock Isle Road.

The out of the run is visible from Rock Isle Lake, so beginners can scope out the run before they try it.