Link between Hexenboden and Trittkopf


Analysing terrain data








For those of you who are not huge fans of cable cars, this is a good way of avoiding the pain of being stuffed into a tiny space with 50 other people.

It also cuts out the steeper scarier sections of the pistes that come directly off Trittkopf, so could be helpful for intermediates wanting to try some more challenging runs, but not yet ready for the big boys.

Though there is little to say about this run in itself, since it is a fairly uninteresting path, this is a good link for those wishing to explore.

Since it is rarely pisted and little used, this path can be a little bumpy and is not great for snowboarders.

Fine at any time of day, but this run will be softer and a little less icy later on.

It is not necessary to use this run in order to get to the bottom of Trittkopf, since you can simply follow run 3 all the way if you prefer.