Short and sweet hike to sweeping views of lower Zion Canyon.


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Access to the Canyon Overlook Trail is at the east end of the Zion-Mt.

Carmel Tunnel.

It is highly likely that the main trailhead parking area will be full, but there is overflow parking just down the road. There is no way around the fact that this hike will absolutely, most definitely, be crowded.

Despite the fact that this 1-mile roundtrip trek is a super-popular and very short outing, it is well worth doing. This hike could easily be done on the way into Zion or on the way out—it is that short.

Don't let the crowds or the brevity deter you, however: the views of lower Zion Canyon and the Pine Creek slot canyon are incomparable. To begin this little adventure, ascend a well-built segment of rock steps and pass under some pretty rock overhangs.

Be advised that this 1/2-mile route does involve traveling past some extremely steep drop-offs.

Though there are railings, some people just can't handle the exposure-induced vertigo and can't go on. It is impressive how much beauty can be packed into such a short distance, so take the time to appreciate the jaw-dropping display of geologic time en route to the overlook. The Canyon Overlook is located at the incredibly steep edge of Zion Canyon.

Be sure to take advantage of the interpretive signs while appreciating the railings that prevent that step-off-the-edge feeling. Wander around and take in the views from various vantage points before hiking back to the trailhead.

Ponder how amazing it is that so many people from all over the world can experience the magnificence of such a place.

Doing so helps mitigate the impact of so many people.