A scenic climb up the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort.


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Jenni’s Trail begins from the main base area of Park City Mountain Resort.

You’ll find the trailhead sign pointing to a paved path along Drift Road near the parking lot.

The pavement lasts only a short while before a wide dirt path takes over, and eventually becomes packed dirt singletrack for the majority of the trail.

The trail travels through shady aspen groves and grassy ski slopes, in and out of the shade, with great vantage over the valley below.

The route is almost entirely uphill, climbing 1,300 feet in about 5 miles.

You can turn around at any point to shorten the hike, but of course the higher you climb, the better the views become.

The end of Jenni’s is at the top of Payday Express Lift, which you can ride down if you wish to save your legs the steep descent. Note that Jenni’s Trail is shared with mountain bikes.

The lower mile and a half is designated for uphill riding only, which is nicer for hiking because the bike traffic moves more slowly.

On Upper Jenni’s, above the junction with CMG Trail, riders can go downhill as well. Sources: http://www.thelowellparkcity.com/blog/top-6-hiking-trails-in-park-city https://www.visitparkcity.com/blog/post/five-park-city-hikes-with-the-best-nature-views/ https://mtnhomeparkcity.com/jennis-trail-park-city/