Short, mellow blue slope, laying on the right side of the 33.









On the top of the mountain the slope is accessible through the Seiterkar lift or you can join the run by taking the 33 from the top of the Schwarze Schneide.

The run on top, can be quite wind swept and icy.

The run itself is practically the same run as the 33 laying on the left hand side.

The two slopes are separated by the Seiterjöchl T-bar, so the resort had to number the the slope separately.

Though the right right hand side of the T-bar can be quite less busy and is a much more playful slope then the 33.

On the right of the 34 you will have some fun freestyle options where the freestyle rider wil have a blast.

When you come at the end of the run, take the T-bar back up for another run or keep heading down by following the 33 back to the Rettenbach main station.