A tree-lined main run to Les Carroz.









This is a natural progression from the blue Plein Soliel at the end of the chairlift by the same name.

Continue leaving the chairlift on the left with the L'Anfionne restaurant on your right.

This is the run everyone wants to do - it's the wide piste featured in the Les Carroz resort photos.

Snow cannoned all the way, the snow can be in iced bumps and the lower right-hand section is mainly reserved for ski races (the Stade or Servages), but this uniform red is an absolute joy to ski.

One of the last to be pisted at the end of the night, it is a joy to ski first thing in the morning, but do stop to take time to enjoy the stunning view over the village and beyond to Geneva and the Jura.

It can get very busy at the end of the day.