A chilled way to end the day, or just a pleasant ride down back to the Val Veny cable station.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This run is easy and there are no major shocks on the way, just a simple and easy-to-follow path that winds gently down the mountain to Val Veny.

However this path is there because there was a massive land slide over a decade ago that cleared this area.

The land is fairly stable now but as you descend you will ride past the boulder field that still remains.

It's very impressive to see but also a stark reminder of the unstable mountain environment.

The route isn't steep and is perfectly possible for all abilities.

It can be a little bumpy and rather icey towards the bottom but the path is consistently around 5 to 6m wide so there is room for turns.

You can expect the odd snowmobile coming up towards you so don't go too fast! I recommend stopping when you reach the landslide debris as it is a great photo opportunity.

At the end there is a small stream that you have to cross and in later season the very end of the path can be muddy.

Other than that this run is a nice and relaxed option.