Short and sometimes technical lines splitting the rocks on La Balme’s north face.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Depending on the snowpack, this line, or more correctly lines, can vary somewhat.

You’ll need to check it out from below or on the chairlift ride up as there are a few cliffs that it would probably be a mistake to jump off.

These chutes are not as steep as they look from afar and are not long but they can still get the blood pumping.

As the name suggests, the entrance is opposite the cabin.

To get to the cabin, start at the top of the Vallons or Cucumelle chairlifts, walking south along the ridge for a few minutes at which point you’ll be able to put your skis back on and take as much speed as possible along the same ridge.

Once you can’t get any further on your skis, hike the rest on foot as far as the small cabin at the top.

Helpfully the ridge nearly always has a nicely groomed cat track in it as it is used by the ski patrol to get from one valley to the next quickly and for avalanche control.

This makes the going easier.