Teocalli Bowl, one of Crested Butte's famous bowls, is found off the top of the High Lift with tons of different runs and exciting double black diamond and extreme terrain.


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Teocalli Bowl is a big bowl off the backside of the High Lift with a lot of varying terrain and options.

There is a 10-15 minute hike out of the bottom of Teocalli Bowl for most of the terrain it serves.

There is a traverse from Morning Glory that passes under Solar Glaze to access the Headwall East Side and Headwall Bowl that skips the hike out but also misses out on some of the lower sections of Teo Bowl, as it's called for short.

From the top of the Teocalli Bowl entrance you can traverse to your left to access Morning Glory and Solar Glaze along the backside of the Headwall.

If you drop straight in from the entrance you'll access runs like Main Street, Town Park, Uecker Glades and on to Jack in the Box Glades, Teo Tongue, the Liar's Bench, and access to Wolf's Lair.

You can traverse to the right around a little naturally gully from the top of the High Lift to access Duey's, Coffey Grounds, or Peach Pit and the access gate to Teo 2.

Snow can stay good back in Teo days after a storm.

The exit hike of Teocalli Bowl is a groomed cat track that puts you on the Schofield Road back on to Shep's Chute, ungroomed terrain, into Paradise Bowl next to the North Face Lift.

You could also hike up the Schofield Road to access the Spellbound Bowl if the North Face Lift wasn't running for some reason.

It should be noted that there are a few areas in Teo Bowl like Wolf's Lair, Duey's, and Coffey Grounds that qualify as extreme terrain and should be skied by experts only and need a lot of snow to fill them in.

Please check the specific run descriptions for more details on Teocalli Bowl.