Solar Glaze is the sunny shoulder of Headwall and Teocalli Bowl with open powder fields and tree skiing.









Solar Glaze is found deep along the Headwall ridge traverse past Morning Glory, the Upper Triangle, Angle Gully, and Rabbit Ears.

As it's name implies it gets a lot of sun so unless you are skiing powder you might want to wait until it softens up if it's been refrozen.

There are a few playful rocks you can jump off of or short powder fields to ski through.

You can hop on the traverse heading left that bisects the trail if you want to wrap around back to the Headwall and Sheps's Chute.

Or you can continue on an adventure through the trees if you want to make your way out to different sections of the Teocalli exit to Paradise depend on how far you descend to your right.

This is a run for advanced and expert skiers who can traverse over extreme terrain.