A tight couloir followed by a beautiful, open face.









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When you're riding the Sass Pordoi cable car you pass right over this slope and it is just begging out to be skied.

If you're really lucky you'll get it in powder but it faces south so you'll need to be here right after a snowfall, and find safe conditions if you want soft, deep snow.

Those 2 elements lining up is quite a rare event but it's pretty special when they do! It's generally a bit easier to find the line in spring snow conditions than in powder, and with the line being both high altitude and sunny, there are regular corn harvests throughout the season! Ride the cable car up to Sass Pordoi and then ski north-east away from the station before swinging around to the south-east and dropping down to a small col which looks down on the initial couloir of this line.

Take a final look at conditions; it would be a pain - but possible - to hike back to the cable car station from here if you didn't think the line looked safe. If all looks well, drop down into the couloir and enjoy the tight, technical turns you'll be making between 2 towering Dolomitic rock walls.

The couloir opens up pretty quickly and gives way to a huge, open face.

There are almost limitless options for skiing the face so simply pick the line which looks best! The line drawn here is one of the main ways down, but there's also the option to go skier's left of the large rock buttress you encounter halfway down the face.

Alternatively you could go hard skier's left as soon as you leave the entrance couloir and ski the eastern part of the face, which would deposit you back at the Saletei chairlift.

From here, it's a quick ride back up to Sass Pordoi, followed by a 5 minutes walk back to the cable car itself.

Whichever line you choose, the skiing is fast and furious! Provided conditions are still good, head up for another lap or a trip down the legendary Val Lesties, to the north of the top cable car station.