A straightforward linking path but leading onto a tough and crowded red run.


Analysing terrain data








Major work was carried out on the piste that this one leads into during the summer of 2015 and that should see an otherwise very unpleasant section significantly improved - it may even become fun to ski! This run is mostly very easy and could be rated green.

It cunningly lulls you into a false sense of security before springing its trap when it’s too late to bail out.

The trap is the Bez piste that seems to have every man and his dog on it almost all the time.

You can't ski Lacets without skiing at least the top section of Bez (you can get the Pontillas gondola down or the Fréjus chair up if it all becomes too much).

As part of the main run down towards the Club Med, this piste takes a beating and the result is a stretch of slope that can be icy, slushy and mogully all at the same time - perfect (not perfect)!