A breathtaking cornice jump in Spaulding Bowl that gets big on large snow years.









Atlantic Cornice is a quick breathtaking cornice jump that gets big on large snow years.

Find this off to the skier’s left in Spaulding Bowl.

You will have almost a required air off the cornice into the trail and you will land in a wonderful steep and consistent expert trail.

Too bad it ends so quickly.

You can get a lot of air here but you need to inspect the landing first and be very careful since many rocks and slide areas are here.

In the spring you may need to give this trail some time to warm up if it was warm in the days before.

Copper is just a few miles away from the continental divide, where of course you know that the water from the east side goes to the Atlantic ocean whereas the water from the west side goes to the Pacific.

And Atlantic and Pacific peaks are right in front of you looking southeast.