A busy traverse where you need to avoid other people, trees and snowmaking equipment before encountering a steep, funnel-like pitch.









Skid Road and upper Skid Road is a traverse with excitement.

From the top of upper Skid Road, which starts as a tangent off of Coppertone, you can take this all the way to the Super Bee.

What’s exciting is all the people you’re going to try not to collide with; since you will intersect with at least 9 trails.

Look for people coming down at you from the right, avoid all trees, snowmaking equipment, lift towers and all, and you’ll be fine.

After the bottom of Andy’s Encore there’s a slight uphill section, so keep your speed.

Then it really gets fun with a steeper and not very wide pitch that funnels for a couple hundred yards, and then gets very flat until you get to the Super Bee.

Be very careful for slower people here.