A steep hike through a forested canyon to a high pass, with the option to continue along the ridge to a panoramic summit.


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Lambs Canyon Trail on its own is a fairly short, moderately strenuous, but very rewarding hike to views over Millcreek Canyon from a high pass.

For an even greater reward and a tougher hike, you can continue 0.75 miles farther along the ridgeline to Millvue Peak.

Its summit grants nearly 360-degree views of the northern and central Wasatch.

On a clear day you can see all the way across Salt Lake Valley to the Oquirrh Mountains in the west, and over Park City to the Uinta Mountains in the east. This hike is great any time of year, whether you stick with the Lambs Canyon portion or continue to the peak.

The canyon is shady throughout summer when wildflowers bloom, aspen leaves are brilliant in the fall, and winter conditions are perfect for snowshoeing or skiing. Begin from the signed trailhead for Lambs Canyon along Lambs Canyon Road.

The trail first crosses a flowing stream then ascends the forested canyon.

This is great moose habitat, so watch for them.

Glance over your shoulder as you cross clearings now and then, and you might catch beautiful views of the valley unfolding below.

The trail takes one big, steep switchback in its final climb to Lambs Pass on the ridgeline.

Once on top, you are standing on the divide between Lambs Canyon and Millcreek Canyon. The pass is quite brushy with young aspen and oak, but you can still get glimpses over the foliage of the mountains and valleys that surround.

For even better views, follow the trodden path east along the ridge to the panoramic summit of Millvue Peak.

From this point, you may notice that the spot you stand is not actually the highest point along the ridgeline, however.

It is possible to continue eastward along the spine to reach two even taller summits, but most people turn around at this first one. Sources: http://www.parkcityreservations.com/blog/post/the-best-hiking-trails-in-park-city https://www.summitpost.org/millvue-peak/700670