Taking you from the 3300 mt. ASL of Theodulo down to wherever you want, Bontadini is a wide and fun track with several alternative routes.


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The Bontadini starts from the ridge that separates Italy from Switzerland.

From here, reaching the top of the piste with the Bontadini express chair, you have an amazing view of the resort, the Plateau Rosa glacier, Piccolo Cervino (Klein Matterhorn) and - of course - of the Cervino. At the end of the Bontadini express chair, leave the lift going towards the left: the first ten metres is a narrow but easy slope that will widen towards the ridge in front of you.

Keep to the left and you will find a short and steeper slope then, finally, the piste widens, allowing fast and fun free riding. If it is foggy, so remember to keep to the left side of the track to stay uphill and reach the start of the express chair again. Let's see if you read this description entirely before you got to the ride: at the arrival of the Bontadini chairlift, get off your snowboard or skis and walk on the little ridge in front of you, walking to the left towards that small building you can see.

From there you will enjoy a beautiful view.