Well-spaced trees, pines and aspens, make for a beautiful classic aspen run.









Situated between Back of Back #1 and Back of Bell #2 is a great gladed area of east facing trees.

This area generally gets good snow early in the season, and on powder days.

It can get loaded with new snow from the wind.

Beware of unfriendly logs and stumps underneath a thin snow cover early in the season.

Towards the middle of winter and into spring some moguls will form here, but generally this glade stays fun and sporty all year round.

Starting from the cat track, drop down where ever you feel comfortable.

There are some tight, sporty entrances or more open entrances.

Take the line you're most comfortable with and drop in through assorted aspens and pines.

The top is steep, but in the same fashion as all the Back of Bell runs, and as you reach the middle it generally begins to flatten out.

Watch out for moguls at the bottom as you finish up this 500 ft vertical run and race out onto Copper Bowl.