One of the best itineraries of this area: wide slopes and a wild environment.









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The Bettolina is the classic route off this side of the Monte Rosa, although it is difficult to find without tracks.

After a big snowfall be careful as some zones are prone to avalanches (particularly the right side after the couloir).

It is an ideal route for snowboarders due to easy access and the traverse through the forest is almost always tracked out. From the top station of the Bettaforca chairlift, descend to the left and follow the beaten track for a few meters.

After descending down on the piste head straight off-piste and enter a wide valley.

Follow the valley to the entrance of a short couloir that leads into a large long slope.

Ski down and enter another gully which steepens progressively and leads you to the forest below.

Traverse to the right without losing any height just below a rocky barrier and into the forest.

Follow the track until you rejoin the bottom piste to return back to Stafal. You can access the lower part of this run as a ski tour by following the ski tour to the Quintino Sella refuge, then dropping off to your right part way.

This is once you have got to the ridge beyond the large peak above you on the left as you skin up.