A wide open bowl that requires a 15 minute hike or a snowcat ride.









The Nacho is the widest and flattest of all of Tucker Mountain.

It is so wide open there is not a tree for a hundred yards.

There are two ways to get here; climb 15 minutes from the top of the Mountain Chief lift, go past all the steep chutes and rocks until you get to The Nacho, or you can take the free cat from the bottom after you wait in line.

Make sure you tip the driver as a free cat is not something you find every day.

The open bowl feel of this is great, much like China Bowl at Vail.

There are not many people that go on this because it’s hard to get to and most will pass it for steeper stuff.

This can be a great open powder field or a sunbaked crud field only a Californian would like.

It is so exposed that you will find all sorts of different conditions here.

I hope they are good for your sake.