One of the most beautiful places in Crested Butte, the Top of High Lift accesses The Peak, Headwall, Teocalli Bowl, and Teo 2. No easy way down.


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There is no easy way down from the beautiful spot on top of the High Lift.

You can head right to hike up the Peak, and on your left you can access Headwall, Teocalli Bowl, or Teo 2.

The Teocalli Bowl opens up to access Morning Glory to the left, Uecker Glades and Main Street straight ahead, or you can get on the side step travers to head to Duey's, Coffey Grounds, or get all the way to Teo 2.

The short sidestep on your left puts you into either the Halfpipe or Upper Triangle Headwall entrances.

There is seriously no easy way down from up here so don't come up to the Top of High Lift unless you are an expert skier.