Monêtier’s race training piste – if open it's well worth a visit.









As the name suggests, Stade, like the Villeneuve and Chantemerle pistes of the same name, is another race training slope and as such is often closed.

However, if it isn't roped off and slalom gates aren't up then it’s fair game and well worth a go.

It has one sustained steep section that you can practise slalom or giant slalom-type turns on, imagining the gates are up.

If you really want to look the part though, you need to wear lycra and lots of it – skin tight lycra suits are the clothing of choice for all serious ski racers.

One potential hazard if the gates have been up is you can get deep troughs and ruts that have formed where everyone has turned in the same place.

If these haven’t been properly filled in then the piste might not be as smooth as it first appears so keep your eyes peeled – your knees and back will thank you for it.