An ideal running loop in a network of trails just up the road from Park City.


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This is an excellent trail run in Kimball Junction, north of Park City, where the environment is considerably lower and drier than the mountains above the ski town.

The Glenwild trails are a good place to get your lungs and legs accustomed to the altitude, or go for a recovery run after a hard day on mountain trails.

This run can even be good in winter and early spring when others are too snowy or muddy, but conditions will vary. Running the loop clockwise gives a better warm-up, as the trail undulates above the creek for a while before climbing switchbacks.

If you want to get a lot of vertical out of the way early, run counter-clockwise to start on switchbacks right away.

The loop circumnavigates a hilltop resort community.

The trails stay mostly removed from the properties, but you may share it with residents, so be courteous.

The homes and the golf course are visible, but hardly detract from the views.

Gazing over sagebrush prairie and scattered trees, you can see quite a long way to surrounding mountain ranges, but don’t forget to watch your feet.

The trail surface is often smooth but in many places rocky or sandy.

There is little shade, so this run is best on a cool day. Sources: