The 1960 Women's Downhill run!


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A steep run with history.

Even when occasionally groomed this is a solid black diamond run.

Turn left off of KT-22 and follow the ridge around until you come to the low point in the ridge before Olympic Lady chair.

Or from the top of Olympic Lady turn right and head for the low point in the ridge line.

There is a narrow choke point about 1/3 of the way down, so keep your speed under control especially when it is groomed.

It's part of a bowl, so there are variations with some cliffs and trees, keep your eyes open if you are not following the main run.

It ends at Strawberry fields above Exhibition chair.

This is a fun run, especially on powder days with visibility.

The 1960 Women's Olympic downhill was held on this run.

Imagine doing it in a tuck!